Effectively create, preserve, and build upon godly values and legacy to future generations.


Assist in the fruitful stewardship of time, talent, and treasureto future generations.


Be faithful stewards in God’s calling with time, talent, and treasure to future generations.


    GoodField, Inc., aka GoodField, is a single family office focused on serving the needs of one entrepreneurial family.There is probably no one family office that looks the same. This family office is primarily focused on assisting Joe Johnson, PhD and his family with more effective and efficient wealth creation, multiplication, management, preservation, and gifting strategies and processes. In addition, this family office helps with other aspectslike education, development, and services for the family and future generations, along with other activities that are commonly part of family offices.

    The name GoodField comes from Jesus’ teaching from the parable of the sower recorded in the Gospels. Mark 4:20 says: “Others, like seed sown on good soil (good field), hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred times what was sown.”


Effectively and efficiently managing time to future generations.


Developing and maximizing gifts and skills to future generations.


Creating and multiplying resources to future generations.


    As entrepreneurs experience success, thenultimately start additional businesses and look to invest in multiple opportunities, life can get more complicated. This is especially true, if an entrepreneur desires to effectively manage everything. Compound this complexity with additional family members growing into adulthood and creating their own families, the original entrepreneur tries to figure out how to pass down not only financial assets, but the underlying philosophy, skills, and practices that helped developed those assets and lifestyle in the first place. The family office simply helps with these challenges in a more effective and efficient structure.


Building a foundation of values, wealth, legacy, and impact for future generations.


Creating, multiplying, managing, preserving, and gifting wealth to future generations.


Providing services to accomplish the vision, mission, and values to future generations.


    GoodField is currently focused on educational, media, marketing, and service organizations that specifically serve entrepreneurs and investors. More specifically, GoodField is looking to invest in smaller organizations that are disrupting or can disrupt an industry with new technology, or unique products and services. The office looks at all prospects in this space, whether early stage or established business looking for additional equity partner or full exit.


Ed tech, education services, events, coaching, etc., in the entrepreneur and investor education space.


Digital, social, print, informational, and live media, as well as marketing and data companies in the entrepreneur and investor space.


Business services, consulting, advisory, mastermind groups, and other services and products in the entrepreneur and investor space.


    Joe Johnson, PhD
    Entrepreneur. Investor. Educator.

    As founder of GoodField, Joe Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and educator. Dr Johnson has PhD in entrepreneurial leadership and an MBA. He has devoted his teenage and adult life to entrepreneurial endeavors while helping others also live the entrepreneurial life.
    More recently Dr Johnson was named an All-star Entrepreneur by Inc. Magazine as he founded Welfont, the fastest growing real estate brokerage in Inc 5000 history, and the #16 fastest growing business in the U.S. in 2018. Further, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized his company as the #20 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America…

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Over 25 years, Dr Johnson has launched many successful and sometimes unsuccessful startups from media to education to services to real estate.


Johnson has funded many startups, invested in a lot of real estate, and invested in thousands of underprivileged entrepreneurs in over 80 countries.


With a PhD in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Dr Johnson has spent years studying entrepreneurship, as well as developing education for entrepreneurs.


Startups Funded


Jobs Created


Microloans Funded in 78 Countries

10,000,000+ SQ FT

Real Estate Acquired

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