GoodField provides strategic and capital support for startups, entrepreneurs, and startup leaders pursuing a better life throughout the United States


By investing in high-yield, distressed commercial real estate opportunities, GoodField is enabled to proceed with quick closings and non-finance contingencies throughout the United States


Through its Ministry Investments, GoodField invests in new high-impact entrepreneurial ministries throughout the world looking to increase their societal impact.


The name GoodField comes from Jesus’ teaching about the parable of the sower recorded in the Gospels. “Others, like seed sown on good soil (Good Field), hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop…”


GoodField invests in Startups looking to scale, distressed high yield commercial real estate opportunities with quick closings and non-finance contingencies and opportunistic “out of the box” investments.


Dr. Johnson and his family have set-up a Ministry Investments group, called the GoodField Foundation, in which a portion of Dr. Johnson’s income each year, goes to fund various causes and…

About the GoodField Advantage

GoodField is a small, nimble and out-of-the-box company led by Dr. Joe Johnson.  Our company is organized for the exclusive purpose of finding and making efficient, strategic, and profitable investments in high-growth startups and distressed real estate without the distraction of multiple parties, such as partners, investors and funds.
Good Field is not an investor group with a bunch of affiliated individual principles living in the same region and funding deals together. Additionally, GoodField is not a venture capital company, a real estate or a fund that raises money from others to invest in companies.
The advantage of GoodField’s model is that its formula does not have to fall within a “box” to meet certain investment and regulatory standards, covenants, and practices like most venture capitalists. This financial freedom allows for flexible creativity to provide the most effective strategic funding support for the right startups and real estate deals.

Through the leadership’s unique and vast entrepreneurial and investing experience, GoodField provides a unique set of strategic support for high-performing entrepreneurs not found anywhere else.

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