To sum up my life in one sentence, I went from being a troubled missionary and pastor’s kid to a struggling entrepreneur…


Dr. Joe Johnson is an entrepreneur, investor, and start-up expert. He has worked in and studied the field of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership…


Despite the many professional and business accolades, Dr. Joe Johnson is deeply rooted in his Christian faith. He is an incredibly blessed husband of one amazing wife…

Dr. Johnson’s leadership comes from years of experience

GoodField Investments is led by Dr. Joe Johnson, an entrepreneur, investor, and startup expert. He has worked and studied the field of entrepreneurship and organizational leadership for over 25 years.

Over these years, Dr. Johnson has launched and funded dozens of startups, mainly in small and high-growth companies. Additionally, he has more than 12 years of commercial real estate investing experience and has bought over 10 million sq.-ft. of commercial real estate in dozens of states.

Dr. Johnson is the founder and principal of GoodField Investments, which operates as his main investment company to fund new startups and his own personal investments in real estate or other unorthodox and creative investments.

GoodField Foundation, which Dr. Johnson also funds and runs, invests heavily in high-impact ministries, microloans to underprivileged entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial research. Additionally, he is the Founder of Welfont, a startup that is now one of the fastest growing real estate organizations in the country (

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