Each year approximately 6 million businesses get started in the US. However, out of those 6 million or so businesses…


Unfortunately, we have learned through the school of hard knocks that other investors can have very different interests…


To quote a highly successful entrepreneur friend of mine: “a good business model covers a multitude of sins…”

Out of the box thinking inspires GoodField

GoodField prides itself on being entrepreneurial and sometimes there a new concept has no box, and therefore it becomes an out of the box investment opportunity. GoodField looks at these opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

However, even in out of the box opportunities, GoodField still has a basic criteria grid.


  1. The opportunity must have a realistic chance of producing significant yield.
  2. GoodField’s leadership must be able to fully grasp the opportunity and all the moving parts.
  3. There must be enough risk mitigation layers to ensure a very likely return on invested capital.


  1. Submit the out of the box investment opportunity in the form of a very well written executive summary to Opportunity@GoodField.com.
  2. No phone calls please.
  3. We will respond with our level of interest via email.
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