Providing strategic and capital support, GoodField helps startups, entrepreneurs, and startup leaders pursue a better life throughout the U.S.


GoodField invests in high-yield distressed commercial real estate opportunities with quick closings and no financial contingencies throughout the U.S.


Through its Ministry Investments group, GoodField invests in high-impact new entrepreneurial ministries throughout the world looking to increase its societal impact.

Real Estate Investment Criteria

1. Commercial real estate with significant upside potential.

2. Prefer distressed, vacant, or non-income producing assets in need of fast and significantly discounted disposition.

3. Deal size – Anywhere between $250,000 to $10,000,000.

4. All types – From industrial to office, retail, mixed use, multi-family, luxury residential, land, redevelopment, special facilities, hospitality, and healthcare.

5. Location – Anywhere in the United States.

Advantages for Selling to GoodField

1. Fast decision making.

2. Quick closings.

3. Self-financed.

4. No contingencies.


1. Submit real estate opportunity with:

• Brochure and/or pictures

• “Must have” bottom price

• Timetable to sale

• Background information on the property and seller

• Contact information

• A quick summary with the investment opportunity benefits

to Opportunity@GoodField.com.

2. Be available for phone calls and further discussions.

3. If interested, GoodField will send and a signed Letter of Intent with terms and any conditions, or reply stating that we’re not interested in this opportunity.

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